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cornu n : (anatomy) any structure that resembles a horn in shape [also: cornua (pl)]

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  • /kɔʁ.ny/|lang=fr


  1. horned



Proto-Indo-European *ḱoru and *ḱr̥-no-, from *ḱer- "horn". Cognates include English horn.


  • a Classical /ˈkor.nuː/|lang=la, /"


  1. a horn, antler
  2. a tusk
  3. the horns of the moon
  4. am arm or wing of an army
  5. a horn as a musical instrument
  6. any substance like the material of a horn, such as the bill of a bird
  7. the end of a book or scroll, usually made of ivory
  8. power, strength, might

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Cornu (pl. cornua) is a Latin word for horn.
Cornu may also refer to:
  • Marie Alfred Cornu, a physicist for whom the Cornu spiral is named
  • Paul Cornu, an engineer sometimes credited as the creator of the first helicopter
In anatomy:
  • Cornu ammonis, a part of the hippocampus of the brain
  • Cornu anterius, cornu inferius, and cornu posterius, parts of the the lateral ventricle of the brain
  • Cornu anterius, or anterior horn, of the spinal cord
  • Cornu coccygeum'', one of two upward projecting processes which articulate with the sacrum
  • Cornua of the hyoid, the greater and lesser horns of the hyoid bones
  • Cornua of the sacrum, two small processes projecting inferiorly on either side of the sacral hiatus leading into the sacral canal.
  • Uterine cornu, or uterine horn, located near the entry of the Fallopian tube
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